Féria de Córdoba Mayo 2017

~Chronicles of Madrid~ Second time at the Féria and I still couldn't get it together to buy myself one of the beautiful dresses that the women wear. I simply adore them and crave to put one one..one made just for me. These dresses are custom-made and should do no one any good besides you and … Continue reading Féria de Córdoba Mayo 2017

Siete Tetas: Sunset in Madrid

~Chronicles of Madrid~ Eventually after some time of living in a new place a goal is to be as knowledgeable of the place as if a local. Personally, traveling is more enticing when mingling with locals, exploring the true language and food of the place, and being open to a life that isn't yours. It … Continue reading Siete Tetas: Sunset in Madrid

Would Love Do This?

~Chronicles of Madrid~ The only question we need to be asking. The only path that will lead us to the destiny that can be so great. Always choose love over anything else. Love yourself, love your spouse, your family, the lady in the grocery store and the man behind the wheel. Love over anything and … Continue reading Would Love Do This?

Sewing Machine in my Carry-on

~Chronicles of Madrid~   Overloaded and carrying arguably ridiculous things Planned hairstyles and outfits, machines and life tools like yoga mats and gel nail kits I was headstrong on moving Not to run away, but to try something else   Lustfully enthralled by the possibilities coming true Wrecked by reality -- rooms without windows...or air … Continue reading Sewing Machine in my Carry-on

My workshop

~Chronicles of Madrid~ I created a workshop in my parent’s garage. I took loads of fancy old clothes from my grandmother’s house. Setting up one large plastic table designated for fabric cutting, measurements, and creating. Another smaller, rectangular table to the right of it stationed to hold my sewing machine. I dedicated my early mornings … Continue reading My workshop

Chronicles of Madrid Intro

These are reflections of my time living in Spain, I also had the opportunity to travel a bit. Some trips include: Mallorca, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, Portugal, and of course many cities and towns in Spain. The Chronicles of Madrid is of events and times in the past year. These writings highlight thoughts and … Continue reading Chronicles of Madrid Intro