What do you look like?

Satisfashion, created and executed by me, Myles Masika, features the second addition to the series, Satisfashion: What do you look like? An introspective investigation on how people revolve around the perceptions they have on their self-image and how this manifests. Philosophically derived, Satisfashion serves initially as a platform to begin amplifying the importance in opening  discourse on fashion psychology. The extension of this work is valuable for the fashion industry through the educational format from which it stems, as well as its deserving contribution to areas of branding, sensorial marketing, market communication, product development, and image-making roles such as styling, media, publication, and design.

The Satisfashion Series is a compilation of efforts to open up the discourse of how fashion can help an individual’s psychological state and how fashion is a communicative tool for how an individual interacts, perceives and is perceived by the public. Satisfashion is a term that I created and refer to in my 2018 TEDxLingnan University Salon talk to highlight this  objective; creating dialogue about the complexity of emotions & behaviors related to fashion, self expression, and personal identity. As the commencement of this series, The Tedx talk becomes a space where I test some of my nascent ideas about fashion psychology with a public audience. Topics highlighted in this talk include; binge shopping and how people use shopping to make themselves feel happier, how one visualizes themselves in public, and what societal and financial constraints that limit lateral and upward mobility. Part two of Satisfashion Series, digs deeper and expands on the main points from my public TED talk into: fashion psychology, personal branding, and the Satisfashion App  (economics of self-image).    

Satisfashion Investigation: What do you look like?

for full videos see: @satisfashion_series

Here, I am investigating the psychology of fashion, the process of self conception,  in order to share with my community ways of being and feeling good about ourselves so that the core values of becoming balanced and centered in who we are and how we look, actually feed our sense of “Satisfashion “ (Myles Masika)

Interview with Artist Erwin Olaf
Paris, France
May 17,2019

For details on the Satisfashion Portfolio:

Dissertation • Interviews • Mobile Application • Fashion Tech Innovation • Business Plan • Video

Instagram: @satisfashion_series

Email: mylesmasika@gmail.com

One thought on “What do you look like?

  1. This is a very interesting project that reveals the ways in which product design can be informed by qualitative research.


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