Valid Until

While attending the International Fashion Academy, a group of 13 women, including me, created from scratch, the fashion publication titled “VALID UNTIL” as the 2019 IFA Paris Publication.

Role: Co-Artistic Director, Fashion Shoot Creative Director, Writer
Editorial: Mirror Image
Publication Date: June 2019 
Publication Access:

Its concept revolves around art and presence. Fashion is ever changing. Life is ever moving. We decide to inspire our images and words through the lenses of art because it is something that universally, we agree, can never be fully explained; it is simply something that one feels. Art becomes a sentiment of profundity. Of profound existence. Ideas, beliefs, and our ticket permitting us to wander the museum, are “Valid Until” they are expired.


Featured Editorial

Creative Director & Writer

Rooted in Textile

Featured Editorial – Indoor Still Life Photoshoot

Photographer & Stylist

The Sound of Style

Featured Editorial: Indoor Fashion Shoot

Assistant Photographer • Backstage Preparation Team

Sink or Sync

Featured Editorial: Outdoor Fashion Shoot (Cover and back cover, plus two page spread)

Creative Process:

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