Hermès Beauty Campaign

Objective(s): With the creation of the Hermès brand extension, provide more products that the Hermés clients need and are demanding, as well as increase overall global revenue for the brand–Beauty line.

Proposal: Hermès Perfumes should extend into the beauty and cosmetic sector with an essentials kit of cosmetic products.

Case Study: South Korea is a promising market that allows the brand to test the waters before launching the extension into other Asian Pacific countries (China and Japan show strong potential as subsequent markets to that of South Korea) and then globally.

Product: Foundation • Lipstick • Eyeliner • Mascara • Eyebrow gel pencil & brush

Conceptual Moodboard presented alongside pitch, projections, market research, and business plan shared the essence of the brand, and the positive engagement that would stir with the launch of a sustainable, ethic beauty line that competes with the luxury beauty market.

Simple, clean, detailed and experimental, this mixed media piece is the map to the creation of the product.

  1. Lemon
  2. Acrylic
  3. Paper/Cardboard
  4. Wood
  5. Plastic
  6. Silk
  7. Pen

Concept and Product Designer: Carmela Myles Masika

(team of four to create the presentation to the board of production at Hermès.

An in-depth brand extension strategy including:

Market Research • Brand Identity • Marketing Strategy • Product Development • Proposed Marketing Mix • Teamwork

Project Concept immplemented:

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