Wear Tàbà Photoshoot

Creative Consultant

Photography and video production used as collateral for the brands marketing and outreach on their brand website and instagram page. Collaboration November 2019.

Tàbà is a Cameroonian brand, tagline, “Dare to wear your own confidence.” Founder and owner, Brice Arsène invites me to work with him on executing concept via photoshoot to present the brand’s next collection. Here I am sharing with you a bit of the creative process and behind the scenes. Work from the shoot can be seen @weartaba on instagram.

WeaTàbà is all about expressing yourself and celebrating your confidence–celebrating who you are. The featured sweatshirts are unisex, wearable art collections featuring Nigerian artist @yusuff_aina ’s Ainaism mask is out.

Brice Arsène

Location: Paris, France

Photoshoot for African Fashion brand Wear Taba

Final photos: https://www.instagram.com/weartaba/?hl=en

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