Due Credit when due:

Hip Hop and its glorification of major western fashion brands I think as a rhetorician it is very important for me to convey messages and using media as an outlet to incorporate an educational use of rhetoric is ideal. My aim is utilize the power of marketing and the tool of media to reframe its … Continue reading Due Credit when due:

Rick Owens: No phones allowed!!!

Published on: https://www.mode-edition.com/ Thank you both Mary Catherine Bashay and Rani Ariefanti for being available for an interview and sharing your insight. Rick Owens: No Phones Allowed!!! Alert! Alert! Interns needed! All of the fashion students flock, Sending emails to the glorious Stephano Stating availability for fashion week and attaching resumes. Working for Rick Owens … Continue reading Rick Owens: No phones allowed!!!

Closer Look: Jean Paul Goude @ The Vogue Fashion Festival

Jean-Paul Goude - Vogue Inspiring from the very first moment, the Vogue Fashion Festival did right by Jean-Paul Goude for presenting his work up on the large screens for us all to see. Bright colors shouting bold opinions, clear images of ideas breaking social boundaries, and video excerpts expanding views of beauty through artistic expression. … Continue reading Closer Look: Jean Paul Goude @ The Vogue Fashion Festival

Closer Look: Lucien Pagés @ the Vogue Fashion Festival

Lucien Pagés With many surprises from Lucien Pagés, the audience hears about the contemporary and future foundations for fashion pr and communications. These sectors of fashion are changing, and quite drastically when compared to the historically typical way of relaying information, influencing trends, and stirring public attention for sales. However, he does away with the … Continue reading Closer Look: Lucien Pagés @ the Vogue Fashion Festival

Closer Look: Ashley Graham @ the Vogue Fashion Festival

Ashley Graham begins her conversation by explaining to the audience how she started modeling. She entered as a plus size model and truly made an impact on the standards of western beauty for saying yes to a key moment in her life. She confesses that it wasn’t a career or lifestyle she was seeking but … Continue reading Closer Look: Ashley Graham @ the Vogue Fashion Festival

Vogue Fashion Festival Overview

On November 10th, 2018 the Vogue Fashion Festival conference in Paris, France held their fourth and last session hosting presentations by Ashley Graham, Lucien Pages, and Jean-Paul Goude. It was refreshing to hear people from within the industry speak so openly and freely about their experiences and how that informed their insights. Mrs. Graham, US … Continue reading Vogue Fashion Festival Overview


Try and try again. No failure is failure unless you let it fail you. I spent an entire summer making one pair of shorts. That felt embarrassing. What kind of seamstress is that? Especially when we’ve got millions of people around the world pumping out garments by the minute. That’s for survival. That’s for your … Continue reading Dresden

Fashion Photography – Faked it till, did I make it?

It was a casual Saturday for most, but I woke with a creative intensity brewing in my mind. Thoughts stirring and designs swimming on the blank canvases insight. The yearn to delve into the better world of creative challenges were calling me. Before I could however, modern life called my name and reminded me that … Continue reading Fashion Photography – Faked it till, did I make it?

The Moment of Truth the End–G-Dragon

The sweetest face with music so raw, G-Dragon not only impressed many with the eclectic presentation dividing his World Tour concerts live in Hong Kong into three acts. Act I discussing his international celebrity presence as an influential Kpop artist, model, and pop-culture leader specifically in South Korea and the Asia-Pacific. Act II addresses the … Continue reading The Moment of Truth the End–G-Dragon