An event hosting space promoting and highlight women of color in business. The COLORS features women who are innovating the business standards in the fashion and beauty industries. Each woman featured today is from and supports the African Continent through strengthening their economy from within and empowering women and people to champion their own lives. … Continue reading THE COLORS: FARM TO SHOP

WAN: Virtual Events – music and discussions

Happy International Africa Day!  May 25th, The  Worldwide Africa Network (WAN) broadcasted a virtual event featuring Musicians and discussion on the topics led by Innovators and Creators. More than 200 artists and panelists pre-recorded pieces to share for the WAN Live event found on these three online channels: Streaming Live, we heard … Continue reading WAN: Virtual Events – music and discussions

Rick Owens: No phones allowed!!!

Published on: Thank you both Mary Catherine Bashay and Rani Ariefanti for being available for an interview and sharing your insight. Rick Owens: No Phones Allowed!!! Alert! Alert! Interns needed! All of the fashion students flock, Sending emails to the glorious Stephano Stating availability for fashion week and attaching resumes. Working for Rick Owens … Continue reading Rick Owens: No phones allowed!!!

Closer Look: Jean Paul Goude @ The Vogue Fashion Festival

Jean-Paul Goude - Vogue Inspiring from the very first moment, the Vogue Fashion Festival did right by Jean-Paul Goude for presenting his work up on the large screens for us all to see. Bright colors shouting bold opinions, clear images of ideas breaking social boundaries, and video excerpts expanding views of beauty through artistic expression. … Continue reading Closer Look: Jean Paul Goude @ The Vogue Fashion Festival