Féria de Córdoba Mayo 2017

~Chronicles of Madrid~ Second time at the Féria and I still couldn't get it together to buy myself one of the beautiful dresses that the women wear. I simply adore them and crave to put one one..one made just for me. These dresses are custom-made and should do no one any good besides you and … Continue reading Féria de Córdoba Mayo 2017

Una Amiga Sincera: Asena Darling

Al llegar a Hamburgo, Alemania, me vi agraciado por la presencia de un alma hermosa. Asena corrió hacia mí mientras esperaba frente a la estación de autobuses, y fue la sensación más emocionante. Cada parte de estar allí se sentía bien - yo estaba listo para la aventura a través de la ciudad de mi … Continue reading Una Amiga Sincera: Asena Darling

Siete Tetas: Sunset in Madrid

~Chronicles of Madrid~ Eventually after some time of living in a new place a goal is to be as knowledgeable of the place as if a local. Personally, traveling is more enticing when mingling with locals, exploring the true language and food of the place, and being open to a life that isn't yours. It … Continue reading Siete Tetas: Sunset in Madrid