An event hosting space promoting and highlight women of color in business. The COLORS features women who are innovating the business standards in the fashion and beauty industries. Each woman featured today is from and supports the African Continent through strengthening their economy from within and empowering women and people to champion their own lives. Create your own agency!

Designer: Ammin Youssouf/Assistant designer: Carmela Myles Masika Roberts

Assistant to The COLORS team hosted by Afrobytes, the African tech and start-up marketplace, I worked to support the team in preparation for the first ever COLORS virtual seminar presented yesterday by the Worldwide Africa Network (WAN). The COLORS is an event initiative supporting specifically women of color in the business of Fashion & Beauty in conjunction with technology and business. On May 25th, 2020, WAN hosted the virtual event aligning with International Africa Day so that initiatives such as The COLORS could showcase its people and their work. For more information about the entirety of the event see:


go WAN homepage

Carefully curated, The COLORS chose to showcase three inspirational women who have designed their path and are manifesting it; wildly eye-opening, we hear from Sophie Sy, Violet Amoabeng, and Amina Rashad discuss their business branding under the scope of the African Continent, women in agriculture, and local transformation. As the show curator and mediator, Haweya Mohamed (also founder of The Colors and co-founder of Afrobytes), we are guided through a conversation that is most meaningful and empowering.

Violet Amoabeng speaks on behalf of her brand Skin Gourmet, discussing its product, its location in regards to the brands resourcefulness, and its business trajectory. Skin Gourmet’s beautiful shop is based in Accra, Ghana where it sources most of the beauty products’ ingredients locally. The products are so pure that, besides the toners and soaps, are entirely edible. In fact, in the production process, Skin Gourmet makes a point to have products be made to taste. As demand is increasing and target consumers are seeking products that are *sustainable *organic and *raw, Skin Gourmet expects to see a growth in business and is acting accordingly.

Amina Rashad, founder of Glow, shares the objective of her business being a source of healthy food and snacks for the busy people of her city Cairo, Egypt. Her aim is to improve food health education by feeding people who do not have or make the time to prepare such foods themself. Extremely successful, this farm to shop style business strengthens the economy as everything, besides the berries, are locally produced and farmed. Amina explains how her business values transparency and communication. She does this through allowing her customers to know where she receives her produce and showing them how they can make the same food themselves. Unafraid of this potential competition, Amina knows that there is more strength in education, and with it Glow will continue to prosper.

Sophie Sy, Fashion Designer and founder of Dakar Designs, brings forth another dynamic to the conversation. Much of Sophie’s dialogue is about the recognition of “farms to shop” in the context of fashion textiles and the appreciation of the process of textile production. Just as important, Sophie discusses Dakar Designs, and its rhetoric being heavily based in tradition. Dakar Designs is still in the production process but is looking to launch this year. Its focus on tradition in the name, is brought to light through the “sense of collaboration” that the design space focuses on. Sophie hopes that this will bring more people to Dakar and Senegal in general, as people will have more access to information and values of the country

The Colors was proud to share this moment with these three amazing women, knowing it should inspire many. As a participant in creating this show, it was positive to hear more about the plans and projections from each of the women and their businesses. It breathed a sense of ambition and hope into the possibilities of this current time being that we are in a pandemic. There were words of excitement that the WAN platform allows people to see leaders continuing to lead; reminding us that self-sufficiency is possible and we can all be our own leaders. It is helpful to not only know, but hear from the people taking action to what they preach. Having reached over 500 million viewers yesterday during the WAN event, goes to show that like Sopie Sy says, “humans are social beings and we are clearly striving to be together.” This is all the more crucial as we are talking about Africa. It is important not to forget history and to learn from it. WAN, with all its initiatives and people involved, viewers and consumers as well, proved that together we are stronger, together we are WAN.

One thought on “THE COLORS: FARM TO SHOP

  1. Dear Carmela,

    Wonderful work on “the Colors: Farm to Shop” It is inspiring to see women organize their own businesses. Economic freedom is a critical step into self sufficiency. Congratulations to these women and others who create their own agency. You are a valuable intern!

    So proud of you.

    Love, Gma

    Lynn Ossolinski _______________________ Regional Coordinator JASNA Greater Sacramento Region 916-354-8474 Cell 916-417-6555


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