WAN: Virtual Events – music and discussions

Happy International Africa Day! 

May 25th, The  Worldwide Africa Network (WAN) broadcasted a virtual event featuring Musicians and discussion on the topics led by Innovators and Creators. More than 200 artists and panelists pre-recorded pieces to share for the WAN Live event found on these three online channels:




Streaming Live, we heard musicians collaborating with one another and enjoying the fruits of African music. As diverse as one can imagine that being, the selection of participants represented the plethora of styles and sounds that come from the many nations that consist of our beloved Africa. 

As it is a unique time to host events, conferences and concerts alike, WAN did an exceptional job in its organization and execution of the virtual event. The WAN organization, with some of the ambassadors including: Naomi Campbell, Andrew J. Young, Calypso Rose, Jimmy Cliff, H.E Jerry Rowlings (former president of the Republic of Ghana), and Chris Martin, events and collaborations are for the people who want to be a part of the progress and success of Africa. For a recap or to visit some of the discussions and music played yesterday, there are saved videos on the WAN youtube channel shared above. The day of, the African Union, in support and partnership to WAN, provided the program to all African public channels being about 150-200 channels; offering access to a potential audience of more than 500 million people across the continent. In addition, online activities were provided prior to the viewing of the show supported by many influential platforms including UNESCO. 

The success of the virtual event comes in various forms. Firstly, it was a daylong engagement of celebrating the continent. The music and the pride that played throughout the day was infectious. Secondly, professionals and leaders of the nations shared with not only one another but also globally, to collaborate on how their work can improve the lives of others and make a great manifestation of the time we all are given on earth. The live event, in its successes, highlighted that we can be great with what we have, and we can create with just that. Amidst this pandemic, WAN is able to strengthen the African community through so many different avenues that it proves that together we can do our best and more. 

Uniting, collaborating, and uplifting are the goals and purposes of  the virtual event. Through the messages shared and the insight given, the people who partook in the event, stayed consistent with the virtues of WAN. The three pillars of the event, as described by Haweya Mohamed, co-founder of Afrobtyes & founder of The COLORS, are: “ Music (Artists), Leadership (athletes, actors, scientists…), Innovation (Startups).” In an effort to unite Africans whether ceo’s, small business owners, or tech- specialists, WAN seeks to allow the current COVID-19 Pandemic as a time for us to unite furthermore. It is a crucial time that we invest in one-another for the longevity of our successes individually and as nations connected.

Together as one, together is  WAN!


Carmela Myles Masika Roberts

Below are links to several news sources that speak on behalf of the event for further information.





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  1. Carmela,

    Thank you for the beautiful WAN post. It was fun of information and a great write-up by you! Please keep me on the list to get this.

    Love, you so much. Gma

    Lynn Ossolinski _______________________ Regional Coordinator JASNA Greater Sacramento Region ossolinski@sbcglobal.net 916-354-8474 Cell 916-417-6555


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