My Residency

I live in my body.

This is a practice I work on. An answer to the question, “Where do you live?” An answer given to me by a professor I once had who is now a colleague, a mentor, and an inspiration. It is a practice of understanding that the only thing you can truly control is yourself. To live within yourself is to accept the blessing and challenge of being grounded, meanwhile understanding that everything around you is out of your control. Staying within regulates you’re without.

When you travel a lot it can be hard to stay grounded if it is not a practice you focus on. The many changes of lifestyles that surround you, the new and interesting things within those spaces around one can excite and confuse your purpose at times. And right now, during the Corona Pandemic, the shift of routine, the change in dynamics and realities can cause disarray and distress. Groundedness, I think, can help.

April 9th. It is my birthday and I am focusing on living within my body and letting the rest go. Letting go of negative emotions. Letting go of wins–maybe even intentionally losing. And most importantly, letting go of expectations. Expectations for myself, expectations for the worlds and people around me, connected to me, and unbeknownst to me.

To live in my body, to really truly live just here, helps me with my typical mind clutter, my many life objectives, the buildup of creative projects, and the continual obligations I make upon myself for friends and family. It is to stop worry. It is to enjoy wonder.

To live within your own body, allows you to let go. Letting go leaves you with nothing. To let go is to love. It is to make space–mentally, physically, spiritually. It is to maintain focus. It is the strengthening of your lungs. In a breath, when you exhale you are allowing your muscles to relax. Your body is receiving the benefits of the inhale more wholesomely.

To let go — that is my birthday meditation.

To live in my body — that is my residency.

2 thoughts on “My Residency

  1. Dear Carmela Such a gift of wisdom you give us on your birthday. Wishing you many more birthdays within yourself and lovingly radiating warmth and joy as you do. ¡Muchas Felicidades! Con amor siempre


  2. Dear Carmela, Happy Birthday! As I remember your birth at home in Cambridge, MA, and your bright eyes taking in the world. You are a most blessed and special person. All of the best traits of our family come forth in your quest for new experiences and your desire to learn and create. I am proud of your ambition and ability to see how to create a life with skill and determination. With your Master’s Degree you are ready to embark on a new adventure and find your niche where you are needed most. Enjoy today with your family and with others on-line or on the phone. It is a great day to celebrate. Much love, Grandma


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