Try and try again. No failure is failure unless you let it fail you.

I spent an entire summer making one pair of shorts. That felt embarrassing. What kind of seamstress is that? Especially when we’ve got millions of people around the world pumping out garments by the minute. That’s for survival. That’s for your consumerist pleasure. It’s not about passionate desire. So then if I claim it is my passion, why does it take a whole summer to make one pair of shorts?

It can’t be about quantity, not if you want to learn something as a craft and become a professional. The steady work; sew, unravel, sew, unravel–that, I learned later on, was not in vain.

A year after my successfully constructed pair of floral shorts made of upholstery fabric my grandmother had left over from a couch she renovated in the 80’s, became a staple in my wardrobe; it became an icon that highlights the destiny I choose to pursue.

I took a sewing class in a vacuum store for one summer, created those shorts, and flew. That class was probably one of the most crucial points in my story thus far and my teacher had much to do with that. Teacher D. She spoke of fashion school, experience in high fashion design houses, and the pitfalls she faced. Often she would mention a student she had that makes her very proud, a current FIT Fashion Design student, and rightfully so. This student she boasts about can sketch, design, sew, has faced unfortunate obstacles, but most importantly has been on the right path since she was a very young girl.

There are times I wonder where I would be if I too had such an amazing teacher at such a young age for this particular path–but then I must remember, that is not my story and I too have been blessed with exquisite teachers and mentors all along in other areas.

It is never a good thing to compare yourself to others but to rather learn from others and the path they have taken. But at the end of the day stay true to yourself and be honest with yourself without judgement. There is a time to criticize, a space for comparison, but when it is time to really look at your own desires focus on what drives you to be good. The question is, ¨what can you do that is out love?

Dresden, thank you for your support and for believing in me.

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