My Favorite Aesthetics: Lace, Roses, and Alligator Skin

I have found it alluring to try and balance the delicacy of lace within the rash decisions of our alligators thriving off of survival instincts. Alligators, so worthy of pride but not nearly as celebrated or respected as our dear rose; the perfect balance between delicacy and strength–innocence and power.


As this can be an aesthetic, I am not in any sort of way encouraging animal brutality. But in all honesty why are some living things valued more than others, some cells are regarded higher in our society although they have no choice in their participation in our social experiment we call living. Alligators are in no way a piece of clothing nor should they be, but does that mean they can not be an aesthetic? Roses are just as much alive as they are and arguably just as aggressive with how they convince love to evade your soul and to prick your thoughts into a cupid’s romance just by its sheer existence and gravitational fragrance which is even allowed to make its way into your chocolate. Yet, it is okay to kill it. To cut roses and place them in a solitude most likely indoor prison of slow death we call a bouquet. For what? Aesthetics.


Lace. At the end of the day, the fabric that represents the utmost femininity and graceful beauty holds the most strength and justification in its presence among this trio of aesthetics for Myles Masika.


So I ask you people of and for the animals, people of and for the plants, people of and about consumption–what are aesthetics really worth? What are living things really worth? What are we worth? Let us start treating our things like they are precious, pristine lace gowns. Let’s let our enjoyment with our things bring us love rather than the things themselves. Let the quality of what we allow in our lives to have strength to last. Lace. Roses. Alligator Skin.



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