Would Love Do This?

~Chronicles of Madrid~

The only question we need to be asking. The only path that will lead us to the destiny that can be so great. Always choose love over anything else. Love yourself, love your spouse, your family, the lady in the grocery store and the man behind the wheel. Love over anything and everything even on a bad hair day.

Before any decision made, ask if love would do this. Ask and find the positive answer. Would love lock you up and keep you out or would it hold groundings down so you know where home is–always there for you–inside of you.

Love is not about looking for the glass to be half full nor its opposite. Rather it is the beauty of balance. It is about seeing the truth in life. No gimmicks, no prose. Simplicity at its finest. The glass has water. If there is enough for me, there is enough for the both of us.



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