Siete Tetas: Sunset in Madrid

~Chronicles of Madrid~

Eventually after some time of living in a new place a goal is to be as knowledgeable of the place as if a local. Personally, traveling is more enticing when mingling with locals, exploring the true language and food of the place, and being open to a life that isn’t yours. It beats being in a resort and fancy dinners any day –not to say I don’t also enjoy those things. But rather than surrounding a trip to a new place with things that are not real, because resorts and tourist traps are not real things, it’s much better to learn something and to open your mind.


Living in Madrid, for the most part I have been struggling to be soul mates with my mind and heart. I have been focusing on the life I no longer live in a town I no longer reside. I have been connecting with past friends without reaching out and making the right new ones.

Working on my relationship with myself, loving and forgiving myself, I have been able to live in a closer way to how I want. My simple–yet extremely difficult to master–shift in mentality has presented me with a life path worth living.


A moment of success was coming to Siete Tetas, a land of the locals, and lived the night local Spanish style.

Its success coming in the form of patience and acceptance of being present. Going for tapas, relaxing on the highest hill to watch the sunset, and taking an evening stroll through the magical and true Latin barrio of Madrid. Here I felt at home—with myself.


You cannot truly love another person without first loving yourself unconditionally

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