Fashion Photography – Faked it till, did I make it?

It was a casual Saturday for most, but I woke with a creative intensity brewing in my mind. Thoughts stirring and designs swimming on the blank canvases insight. The yearn to delve into the better world of creative challenges were calling me. Before I could however, modern life called my name and reminded me that I first needed to get mindless mortal tasks completed like wash my dishes and pick up my mail from the post office. Fortunately, life is there for us to live and although I set out to complete chores, I also came prepared for excitement and filled my backpack with my notebook, laptop, and camera set; not really having a plan besides to pick up my package and go somewhere to write.


On my way out of the post office, I came across an elite fashion show for the standards of Madrid (not too high, but still in Europe so not too low).  Without planning, I was thrust into the limelight of what my project was yearning for! Fashion is beautiful, confusing, and daunting. It is necessary and timeless, but must be fresh at all times. My thoughts that day before this wonderful event, were to dissect the reasons why there are passionate fashion lovers and nonchalant dressers that must simply keep there body covered. I idealized a day where I would spend hours free-writing and sharing my inside thoughts with my external attributes about why I think fashion matters, about how I can influence the fashion world, about how my lack of professional and technical experience in the field can somehow prove to be essential to a new frame of thinking on the topic. I had to picture myself sitting down and writing about the few experiences I have thus far regarding fashion; my exposure to the fashion museum in Madrid Museo del Traje, my expertise in basic garment sewing and assembly techniques, and my pretend passion for fashion illustration although I have yet to display a true or natural talent of the sort in this particular focus.

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So when I was placed, or rather, I placed myself among the unfashionably professional photographers posed to capture the fluidity of the dresses designed in the Spring Edition for the Madrid Wedding Collection, I dropped all the need to write about the things that have not developed yet, to instead develop first and later write! I was in this moment exposed to yet another sliver of the fashion industry.

Sitting next to the professional fashion photographers in the chairs shown in the cover photo, I felt strangely bland and regal- my presence was important to capture the beautiful women walking down the runway, but my actual being was much less royal in my black slacks, black blazer, and white v-neck t-shirt. However the thrill was so much more real; engaging as a hired counterpart rather than a fan boy spectator.   The best part, no one could really place me! the only female, the only one without an official pass, but my serious although temporary involvement I had adopted, made me no less crucial than any other photographer or other. No one could say no or yes to me. I was left alone. I was able to create a fantasy moment for myself so I could play pretend. That is exactly what I did. I played photographer.

My camera glued to my side has been conflicting and convenient for me. Conflicting because sometime I do not know why I have a camera, who I am taking pictures for, or what is my basic purpose of occasionally annoying people for photos. It has however, proven to be amazingly convenient because without it I would not have been able to pull of this stunt of being a fashion photographer.

To play is to live. To grow up and to learn to play professionally is a wonderful way to live. Live wonderfully.

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