Dear Aunty- When you love someone, you put up with who they love.

~Chronicles of Madrid~


Dear Aunty,

We have not met yet

I don’t know what to expect

You’ve been presented to me

in code

-no visual or literal imagery-

that I must decipher on my own


Dear Aunty,

Its a great pleasure to meet you

How long I’ve known this day was coming

Yet, how it has snuck up upon me

You seem so loving

Thank you for your warm embrace


Dear Aunty,

We have spent so much time together

by now

We have spoken and laughed

I yearned to hug you,

in your time of grief and despair

afraid of how that would be received


Dear Aunty,

My first island trip

was with you

I am grateful

as an island girl

Slowly, I am understanding our stance

I know nothing of you


Dear Aunty,

When fate tells its tale of our time together

let it be of truth and genuine love

You have so much to teach

may I be your student

because Dear Aunty,

you must to be so strong.


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