Sewing Machine in my Carry-on

~Chronicles of Madrid~


Overloaded and carrying arguably ridiculous things

Planned hairstyles and outfits,

machines and life tools like yoga mats and gel nail kits

I was headstrong on moving

Not to run away,

but to try something else


Lustfully enthralled by the possibilities coming true

Wrecked by reality — rooms without windows…or air

Food at times

And when it was there,

it was fancy food, with my decadent lover

Sleeping rarely,

or too much

Guaranteed a bed–then kicked out

For promising to never change my race and ethnicity

Long park naps and 4-star hotel rooms

Partying the night away for lack of accommodation


Work was the excuse

Love was the reason

Settling in was no comfort

Found a home, my perfect foreign sorority with her head master

Was never going to last

Too many rules

So I left


Among the rush and necessity

But mainly desire

We moved in together

The dime and I

Such a great decision

That took so many wrong turns,

for those moments, yet in the long-run

it fast -tracked the hard part of growing together


And so I started my dream

Often feeling like a comedic nightmare

Some sort of joke,

that was too funny it felt like comfort

But it was truly suffocation and confusing bliss


Unquestionably everything was based off of love

Hate did not exist in our days

Misunderstandings and cultural differences

Were the true tests

Not to perish, our love,

For now the focus is on the individual rams we are

And the future will show us what our patience deserves

To suffer without being annoyed or anxious

I sincerely hope love is our future




I brought my sewing machine, naivety, and passion with me

to Madrid

When I left, you will learn,

My hands were empty

And so was my suitcase

My mind and heart however,

Multi faceted and expansive

It makes my love for myself a blessing and unconditional

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