Chronicles of Madrid Intro

These are reflections of my time living in Spain, I also had the opportunity to travel a bit. Some trips include: Mallorca, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, Portugal, and of course many cities and towns in Spain. The Chronicles of Madrid is of events and times in the past year. These writings highlight thoughts and journal entries made during that time; some posts being thoughts that have stirred in my mind for quite some time.

My year in Madrid was in no way smooth or without strife, however there were many beautiful and blessed moments. I am sharing some of these moments and keeping a small trail of this part of my life to develop, remember, and share although I understand you will not know many of my references as some writings are vague at times. Maybe this is more for me than it will be for you, yet I hope there is some gold in this for you too.

We mustn’t forget where we are from and where we’ve been despite where we are going. These are writings and reflections of my love, lust, and loss in my Madrid. Thanks for reading and collaborating with me!

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